Making Space Accessible and Affordable to All Countries septiember 26 - 30 2016

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It is possible for consistent space travel to become a reality in the near future. As technological innovation increases and space missions become more consistent, normal people may be able to make visiting space part of their travel plans. While these changes are occurring, it will become even more important for all countries around the world to be able to develop their own space programs. Read more...
Unfortunately, until this point in time space travel has mostly been restricted to large, wealthy nations in the developed world, which means that a significant part of the earth's population is excluded. The mission of the International Astronautical Congress is help change this situation, and make space more accessible to all nations. Thankfully, a number of dedicated professionals and organizations have been involved in helping this dream become a reality. As technology becomes more accessible to populations around the globe and standards of living increase, it should become easier to make this mission into an active program. Our understanding of space gets better each day, and having more people around the world interested and involved in space travel will only help to contribute to our overall level of progress and achievement. The International Astronautical Congress Meetings are the best method we currently have to get people interested and motivated towards our vision. The collaborations that can occur are truly priceless. An overview of the congress meetings will show their many dimensions and the opportunities they create for guests and presenters alike. This event is the best opportunity we currently have to get a diverse group of individuals together for the purpose of making access to space a reality for all people on earth.

International Astronautical Congress Meetings

The meetings are held across a number of different hotels, conference rooms, and exhibit rooms, which can be intimidating at first due to the sheer size of the gathering. The annual congress meetings are divided into a number of different sections. These include workshops, receptions, technical discussions, and various exhibitions to help contribute to the mission of space travel. You can find more information regarding the workshops via deze website. The exhibit room is usually the largest part of the Congress. The details discussed within the technical sessions include exploration, operations, technology, infrastructure, and space and society. These distinct fields all need to be mastered by nationals attempting to develop their own space programs. Each year there is also a transportation schedule published to help attendees quickly get from one event to another. Social events are also held during the evenings to help guests get to know one another. International cities are chosen for each Congress to help interested parties from around the world gain access. A previous host was Guadalajara, Mexico. Registration fees also vary between participants, young professionals, students, retired persons, and teachers. Students can receive heavy discounts. Previous organizers have included the International Astronautical Federation, Agencia Espacial Mexicana, International Academy of Astronautics, and International Institute of Space Law. These groups help legitimize the congress with their influence and expertise in their respective communities. Media coverage has been supported in the past by Aviation Week Network, Space Agenda, SpaceFlight, Space Safety Magazine, Room - The Space Journal, SpaceNews, Air & Cosmos, Blue Dot Solutions, SatNews, Thor Group, and Now Space. A final program detailing the congress meeting is published shortly before the event. Guests attending the event are also strongly encouraged to check visa requirements, flights, hotels, and other accommodations before committing to travel to the congress.


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