Making Space Accessible and Affordable to All Countries septiember 26 - 30 2016

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“Realization of Space Travel” Japanese online casino industry invests in the space travel business 

Space travel is nothing but the use of technology to explore or prospect outer space. The tour is carried out by both astronomers and telescopes, where the deep, thorough study is the motive. Also, for physical inspection, robots and spaceflights are used. 

Virgin Galactic, an American company, has played its card correctly in the advancement of technology and has already stated that the difficulties we face here to sustain life can easily be polished by using outer space in a better manner. The company, established in 2005, has signed up almost 600 people, with the founder being the first to go on the trip. The trip costs around $250,000, which will travel outside the earth’s atmosphere spending 5 minutes in zero gravity and is expected to start from 2020. 

  Online Casinos As A Travel Agent

Many Japanese online casinos have started investing in space travel, thus gathering a lot of crowds. Though gambling is illegal, there but exceptions for sports betting and lotteries are still available because of which it becomes an easy advertisement to show off space travel. 

Since the age group of the people who usually play online cards is around 30-40 years and also wealthy, they find it as a fashion to invest because the normal cannot afford the same. Likewise, the casino games available online develop new varieties involving space travel to earn profits. These games can also be carried out on a table where people have the same mindset of space exploration.

  Travel Miscible With Space

The travel industry has a vast expanse and makes the maximum earning. It consumes from all kinds of people, either rich or poor. Considering the huge market, if space travel is added, it could make nearly billions. The space industry will soon couple up with the travel services and make the tourists’ orbit in the space, generating around $16 billion by 2028, which is almost 1.5 trillion yen. The market size will continue to grow readily and make a profit as people are anyway going to invest in this adventurous travel. People will even seek sponsorship to grab this opportunity where you can get a chance to travel outside the earth’s atmosphere and witness the space themselves.  

  Online Gambling: A Perfect Money-Making Scheme

Since casino games are easily accessible, it has nearly covered almost all people. People have created their gambling dens to play. Now, if the card players are tempted towards traveling into outer space as an option for reward, it will not only grab their time but also develop an urge to invest more and win. 

Collecting attention, money, online traffic will all happen simultaneously. The online casino industry can easily invoice the expense with the ticket charge. People who are wealthy enough will try to grab this offer making a huge investment, thinking that the amount they are paying will allow them to travel space. This way, the casinos can earn much more without creating a mess, that is, earning as well as satisfying numerous dreams to visit space. So you see, this probably is a one- time investment where the profit is unlimited.